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  • Brand:    XBY
  • Type:    ST/STC
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The ST series generators are mainly designed to serve as power generating unit of small capacity which supply electricity for lighting purpose in ships as well as for household electric devices used in towns or villages.

The alternator can be coupled witha prime mover directly or thorough a V-belt,with 5%change of speed the prime mover under load variation of 0~100% at a voltage of 230V or 115V,50Hz or 60Hz to get a satisfactory constant voltage performance.


Construction: drip-proof

Stator insulation: Class E(or B)

Rotor insulation: Class B

Duty/rating: Continuous(running)

Altitude: Not exceed 1000m

Ambient temperature: -15°C~40°C

Relative air humidity: Not exceed 90%

Rated frequency: 50HZ/60HZ

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